Leadership is an art...

"When you can positively influence people and inspire them to go out and find their greatness, you are changing lives through leadership!  The United States Navy honed those leadership talents within me and turned them into professional skillsets.  I'm taking those skillsets home to Beaufort to influence lives there where we can all take advantage of what i've learned." 

Shaking hands with the President

A dream for most....  My reality as the Command Master Chief and Navy Senior Enlisted Advisor of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.  I will glady shake your hand Mr. President and attempt to remain calm. Breath taking moment.  Thank you for all you do.  You inspire the world; but especially African American boys and girls to DREAM BIGGER!

Keynote Speaker, New Jersey Navy Ball, 2018

As the keynote speaker for the Navy Ball, I was able to inspire a crowd of approximately 600 with a message of history, tradition and excellence entitled "Forged from the Sea!" I thank God for his Grace and the opportunity bestowed upon me.  As I closed, 600 were on their feet in applause.


i spent almost 10 years of my 25 year Navy career onboard Navy Guided Missile Destroyers (DDG) (USS Porter and USS Bulkeley).  Today, as a part of Black History Month 2018, and as a retired Navy Master Chief Petty Officer, I had an opportunity to go back to a DDG to tell my story... to provide my influence on the Sailors of the USS Gonzalez.  It was a great feeling and reminder of the team atmosphere I once served in for 10 years.

Black History Month (2018) at Whale Branch Middle School

Today, I was able to spend the day telling my story... inspiring hope and determination in our young people at Whale Branch Middle School.  Principal Freddie Lawton, my child-hood friend and colleague (Beaufort High C/O '91), brought local success stories into his school in order to share our stories with the students; Mission Successful!
Mentoring at Lady's Island Middle School
Lady's Island Middle welcomed us in to inspire a group of kids facing some challenges...
Surviving Life Seminar 2017
Surviving Chance Encounters hosted the "Surviving Life Seminar" in November, 2017.  Over 200 personnel were in attendance.
Ron Parker's Football Camp 2017
2017 saw Everette Parker Retire from the US Navy
Surviving Chance Encounters founder and director seen center next to cousins Ron, Don, and Justin Parker and long time family friend Sam Pope as they provided mentorship to our youth attending the camp.
Command Master Chief Everette Parker providing mentorship and instruction to his Sailors aboard USS Bulkeley.  He retired in August, 2017 with 25 years of service.

Back To School...

Backpack Drive 2017

Mentoring Young Minds hosted a Back to School Backpack drive in Beaufort, SC.  We, at Surviving Chance Encounters, were able to provide our young people with the back to school message... "Your time is now!  FOCUS!" It was a marvelous event.  We were a part of 368 backpacks stuffed with school supplies that were given out to children across Beaufort County.
​***Faith, Community, Service!***
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Beaufort County Back to School EXPO 2017

"Your Tomorrow Starts Today" is the message we delivered to the more than 300 students, faculty and parents in attendance at the 2017 Beaufort County Back to School EXPO!  We ended this spine tingling message with a tribute to Old Glory that completely moved the crowd.

​This is our Community where we are our children.

Egg Hunt Easter Weekend 2017

The first step in taking back our community is getting the adults united within our community.  Easter weekend 2017 provided us with a grand opportunity to come together and provide a memorable event for everyone in attendance.  "Surviving Chance Encounters" is truly about bridging the gaps in our community.  Who better to serve our children in this capacity than those of us who have survived!


The videos displayed below are intended to provide a sample of the various messages Everette Parker has delivered to diverse audiences around the country.  Please contact Surviving Chance Encounters staff with any questions or concerns regarding.

Making a difference... 2018
Here we are at St. Helena Elementary School congratulating our young people who demonstrated excellence throughout the duration of the last recording period.
Deep in Thought...
Advice when life is really heavy!
Our instructions for living are simple... love one another.  Sometimes, we can make those simple instructions complicated.  Everette Parker sharing love.
Keynote Speaker, Beaufort County Youth Conference, 2016
Step Into Your Greatness!
Command Master Chief Everette Lamont Parker
             inspiring Sailors for the promotion exam...
My philosophy behind leadership is this... if we paint the right picture with just the right amount of contrast, color, and brightness, we bring those pictures, or opportunities, to life for those we are charged to lead.  The motivation that comes out in Master Chief's final Hoo-YAH call makes it crystal clear what it is to exercise Command as the Master Chief influencing your Sailors.
Feeling Inspired
When it hits you in the car...
When one is compelled to speak truth, you just do it!  Sometimes, there is no planning or speech writing... just what the Spirit inspires deep down inside.
Baccalaureate Keynote Address
Saint Paul Baptist Church, 2017
Message: In life, we have Goliath sized challenges from time to time. Are you prepared to pick up your sling-shot?
Keynote Speaker
Black History Month 2016
Message: What if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. never saw the Mountain Top?
  1. The Parker Family
  2. Roasting Marshmallows with the kids
  3. Beaufort County Youth Conference
  4. Surviving Chance Encounters 2016
  5. Chance Encounters 2014
  6. Leading from the front
  7. Motivational Speaker
  8. MC

Shanklin Elementary, Beaufort, SC

Boys in Bow-Ties (27 Jan 2017)

What an awesome opportunity!  I was absolutely honored and privileged to go out and not only motivate, but inspire this group of young boys at the Shanklin Elementary School in Beaufort, SC.  We are out here trying to make a difference in the lives of these children... "there is no better feeling than witnessing the lightbulb come on in a child's thought processes!  Very rarely do you see the occasional light bulb illuminate in a kid's mind right then and there, but when and if you do, it is one of the most rewarding things a man can do!"


Shaking Hands with the President

Here at Surviving Chance Encounters, Influence is what we are!  There is NEVER enough of our product to go around.  In Beaufort, we (LEADERS) are in high demand and NECESSARY to provide mentoring to our "at-risked", "disadvantaged" and otherwise "underprivileged".  I have been fortunate enough to travel the world over and return to my family (several times); we have been able to organize venues such as Surviving Chance Encounters 2016 and provide Leadership instructions on Life to nearly 60 boys grades 6-12. The below (left) picture shows my team feeding those 60 boys.
Building a better Beaufort one citizen at a time! 
"Surviving Chance Encounters"